The Lenny Leggo Show: The Complete Second Season is an upcoming season of The Lenny Leggo Show. It will premiere in July 2017 with the episode N.A.T.L 9000.


Season 2 of The Lenny Leggo Show was announced on December 27th 2016 as a ten episode season, as opposed to the previous season's seven episodes, which was originally going to be ten as well.

Strangely enough, the two-part season finale (therefore the last two), were among the first episodes to be planned for this season, though it was because this story-arc was actually supposed to conclude Season 1 instead, but this didn't happen since Season 1 lasted for only seven episodes (making The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant serve as the Season 1 finale instead). Although the final two episodes were among the first to be out-lined, the season premiere is another outlined episode as well.

All main characters, as well as a few other characters, had their designs completely refurbished: this included adding eye-brows to characters that did not previously have them, as well as altering the ones that already did exist. The addition of eye brows will subsequently en corporate more facial expressions into some of the show's moments.

The second season will feature a brand new introduction, although it will more than likely retain the original theme song.

In March 2017, it was announced that a new walking animation method would be tested as a potential new walk animating method for Season 2. This new walking method would be frame by frame, rather than a consistent move forward, which would be more consistent with the rest of the show's animation. If the method is successful, then the show will also switch to 30fps, as it would make the show's current 60fps frame-rate less relevant.


  • Katrina Leggo was almost killed off in this season, as Aaron Cosby listed her as his least favorite character of the first season (mostly due to her "incredibly annoying" voice). Ultimately, Cosby agreed to keep the character, although her role will not be as big in this season as it was in the first. In some cases, she might not even have any dialogue at all.