The following is the complete list of episodes from The Lenny Leggo Show.

Season 1Edit

Title Synopsis Original Airdate # in season # in series Prod. Code #
Unhappy Birthday Martin Anderson It is February 29th, Martin Anderson's first true birthday in four years. However, things take a turn for the worst when almost nobody shows up for the party due to sudden friendship terminations, all taking place at the same time. Lenny Leggo sets out to resolve the issue, only the find out that he himself is just as big of a problem as everyone else. June 22nd 2016 01 01S01E01
Fireworks When Lenny holds the gang's annual 4th of July pool party at his house, all seems to go great, until one of Jonah Flenderson's fireworks explodes while he shows it off to everyone. When a nearby house explodes merely seconds later, Lenny and Jonah are left to believe they're at fault. July 4th 2016 02 02S01E02
The Biffy Martona Chronicle Martin's car burns up after he bakes cookies on the dashboard of his car, so he plans to buy another used car. However, he also becomes tempted to use this as a prime opportunity to buy a sports car, in an effort to win back his ex-girlfriend from his highschool's quarterback. August 31st0303S01E03
Death on Behalf of my Wife's Birthday Lenny becomes horrified after he forgets that Katrina's birthday is only two days away and hasn't gotten a gift for her. Desperate, he'll do anything to make sure she has a gift just in time for her birthday....even if it means risking his life. T/B/A 01 04S01E04
National Jonah Flenderson Day I National Jonah Flenderson Day I: 2016 October 31st 2016 0606 S01E05
Thanksgiving Kerfuffle Thanksgiving special 2016 November 24th 2016 0606 S01E06
The Worse Than Derek Savage Christmas Pageant The 2016 Christmas Special December 25th 2016 07 07 S01E07

Season 2Edit

Title Synopsis Original Airdate # in season # in series Prod. Code #
N.A.T.L 9000 T/B/A August 2017 01 08S02E01
Episodes 2-7 T/B/A T/B/A 02-08 09-15 T/B/A
Untitled Season finale Part 1 T/B/A T/B/A 09 16 T/B/A
Untitled Season finale Part 2 T/B/A T/B/A 10 17 T/B/A

Season SEdit

Title Summary Original Airdate # in season Prod. Code #
The Lenny Leggo Show Channel Trailer Channel Trailer for The Lenny Leggo Show's YouTube page. August 6th 2017 #01 SSE01