Krusty is a fake giraffe and the imaginary friend of Pig-Pig, a recurring character from The Lenny Leggo Show.

Fictitious BioEdit

Krusty is Pigpig's imaginary giraffe friend. Together the two "play", "eat" and sleep in the same bedroom together. According to Pigpig, he sleeps in his bed while Krusty sleeps under it.

Krusty has magical powers; he apparently defecates gumballs (Pigpig uses this as an excuse for stealing gumballs by shaking the gumball machine down at the mall) and can emit edible rainbows that "taste like marshmallow and sugar mixed with chocolate and fruit". Krusty also has claimed, according to Pigpig, that he has the ability to write down homework answers automatically for any child to help them skip homework. This is time and time again debunked by Pigpig's continuously failing grades.

Like Pigpig, Krusty is a major fanatic on games such as FNAF, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Roblox. Pigpig has even begged his mother time and time again to buy Krusty his own Ipad, so he won't any longer have to "share" his own.

The Lenny Lego ShowEdit

Krusty was first introduced in the prototype incarnation of the series called "The Lenny Lego Show". Krusty died after, somehow, being flushed down the toilet after "Mr. Fireman" used it.