Jonah Bensor Flenderson II is Jonah Flenderson's deceased biological father. He was a musician and stunt performer who died while accidentally blowing himself up while auditioning for America's Got Some Sort of Energy for Something. The audience and judges all roared in applause because they thought that the stunt was some sort of prank, accomplished with special effects such as fake blood and pyrotechnics. The judges immediately voted yes, before producers could even make it to their panels to inform them that he was actually dead. This made Bernard the first, and so far only, person in the history of the show to be posthumously sent into the next round: he was eliminated the following round for "absence".

After his death, his dead carcass (or what was left of it at least) was immediately campaigned into the 1980 presidential election via write in, where it gained a large percentage of votes on election night. However, he barely lost to Ronald Reagan.

Jonah Flenderson I, Bernard's father and Jonah's grandfather, died in a similar fashion (as a testimony to Flenderson's naturally extremely unintelligent family tree). He attempted to show some children playing nearby how to fix a car engine. Due to the poorly constructed car, Flenderson was shocked in such a way that his blood boiled and he blew up.