Cosby The Caterpillar is a fictitious character from The YouTube comedy/animated sitcom/social commentary The Lenny Leggo Show.


Cosby The Caterpillar is fictitious, even from the character's point of view, as he is part of a children's television series titled "Cosby and Friends". Since its debut, "Cosby and Friends" has been universally panned by television critics and parents around the globe and it is widely known as the worst children's show in television history. Scientific studies also show that children become "an average of 10% dumber after one year of viewing the series on a regular basis".

Despite being widely panned, the show has continued production due to its viewership ratings, reaching just barely above the required limit in order to continue the show for an additional season.

Cosby The Caterpillar acts loosely as a parody of Barney the Dinosaur.

Concept OriginEdit

Cosby the Caterpillar originates from Aaron Cosby's old YouTube channel formerly known as "Cosby The Caterpillar", which was created in September 2009. The channel's name derived from a fictitious character that appeared in some of his older videos. The character was portrayed by Aaron himself in a partially un-velcroed green crawl tube. This same channel is what featured The Lenny Leggo Show's prototype incarnation "The Lenny Lego Show" prior to The Lenny Lego Show's official YouTube channel launch, which was renamed to "The Lenny Leggo Show" in 2015.

by 2016, the character had been long retired, so it was resurrected through The Lenny Leggo Show.

The Cosbythecaterpillar channel retained its original name for several years until it was renamed to "Clearsky Productions" on June 2nd 2016.