Funeral home interior B

A photo portrait of Brandon next to his casket.

Brandon Willis was the founder of the fast-food restaurant chain Ncdonald's of The Lenny Leggo Show. He is now deceased.


Brandon founded Ncdonald's in 1953. He opened the first ever restaurant in Chicago Illinois and it became so popular, he opened a second one. By 1956, he was offering franchise opportunities to anyone willing to invest. By 1960, 20 locations had been built in Illinois and 3 in Indiana. By 1969, Ncdonald's existed in 23 of the 50 states of America. Today, it exists in all 50 states and several countries around the world.

Brandon died sometime during the events of The Biffy Martona Chronicle. His funeral took place at Percy's Bucket: Funeral Home and Cremation Services, which Jonah Flenderson, and advocate fan of Willis and Ncdonald's, managed to sneak into, as he was never invited.

Brandon's cause of death is presently unknown, it is also unknown how old he was at the the time of his passing: his photo portrait shows him to be rather young, but since he Ncdonald's was founded in 1953, this photo cannot be a recent one.

Character StatusEdit

Brandon, despite a photo portrait of him visible in The Biffy Martona Chronicle, is an unseen character, as he was never seen in person.