Biffy Martona is a fictitious character from the YouTube comedy series The Lenny Leggo Show. He is Martin Anderson's arch-rival.


Biffy Martona is the arch-rival of main character Martin Anderson. He was considered to be a bully back in Martin's high-school, Central Pasadena High-School. He was a complete jerk, totally full of himself, and always going out of his way, sometimes in extremely embarrassing ways, to get girls' attention. He was tall and rather bulking, and was the quarter-back of the Pasadena Prowlers, the high-school's football team.

Biffy first came to attention in the show in The Biffy Martona Chronicle, where Martin Anderson received numerous phone-calls from a voice claiming to be that of Biffy Martona's. During his first call, he claimed that Jessie Roberts, Martin's then girlfriend, had dumped him for himself instead, and bragged about taking her for a "spin" in his new sports car. Furious, Martin himself went and bought an insanely sports car as well (he was just getting ready to buy a car anyway, as his old one had recently been destroyed) and rushed over to Jessie's house to confront Biffy: however, he ended up accidentally colliding with Jessie in the process, who was checking her mail at the time.

Later, Martin gets a second phone call from the voice. Though Martin admits at first to "giving up" on Jessie, there is suddenly a muffling voice on the other side of the line, and the voice claims that Jessie has been kidnapped, before abruptly hanging up. Martin (having recruited Lenny as a side-kick), storms into Jessie's house himself to try and save her: however, when he gets there, he finds his cousin, Jonah Flenderson, at the house instead. Jonah confesses that the entire ordeal was staged and that it was actually him on the phone the whole time. This was all part of an elaborate plan to get Martin to the house in order to catch a rare "Pokemon" in the middle of Jessie's living room. Martin, however, realizing that he just spent over a hundred grand on a sports car for nothing and ended up putting his girlfriend in the hospital due to his idiotic cousin's plan, becomes furious and immediately declares that Jonah is evicted from their house, proceeding a long and unrestrained chain of curse words being uttered out of Martin's mouth at an alarming rate.


Though Biffy Martona is technically absent in The Biffy Martona Chronicle, the real Biffy Martona is known to still exist somewhere out in the world, and will likely be featured in an upcoming episode of the show.